Q: Are you only interested in High end, Fancy construction projects? Our store concept is simple and inexpensive and we have a really tight budget for this renovation.

A: Absolutely not, we honour all our clients, big and small, big budget and small budget, and will work within the parameters dictated by the client and budget. A dollar-type store is different than a high end jewellery store in execution and finishes. Both are equally desirable contracts from our perspective. Your Dollar store will not cost as much as a fancy jewellery store and your jewellery store will not look like a dollar store.


Q: You sound like a big, expensive general contracting and renovation company.

A: On the contrary, we are a small renovation and construction company with 25 years of continuous operation here in Vancouver: all in interior commercial renovation and construction work. We are lean and mean and have survived many economic downturns. This has toughened our hides and competitiveness and made us appreciate all our clients, big and small.


Q: You said you can handle our renovations and construction all over BC. Does this not add a lot of money to the contract price to allow for out of town expenses, etc.?

A: General Contractors that specialize in the type of renovation and construction work that we do are not as common outside the large urban centres of Greater Vancouver. The quality and reliability of their renovation and construction work can vary greatly. It is the norm in the industry to have your regular general contractor handle your renovation and construction work outside the main urban centres.
We hire local trades and have reliable contacts all over the province developed and maintained over many years. Although we do have to travel, our experience gathered in the construction and renovation of some of your locations gives us a huge edge in competitiveness.
It does not make sense for us to tender a one time construction or renovation project in Prince George, for instance. It’s completely different when it comes to a building a location we are already familiar with. Regular clients often tell us that we were the low bidder on an out of town construction or renovation project.


Q: What about the rest of Canada? Do you also do construction or renovations in other Provinces than BC?

A: We have done construction and renovation projects from British Columbia to Newfoundland. All over Ontario and Toronto. For the right client, we can handle their expansion across the country.


Q: Don't you need business licenses for each town you work in?

A: Yes we do and yes we have them.


Q: What about Liability Insurance and Worksafe BC (WCB) ? Are you covered?

A: We have 5 Million dollars General Contractor’s Liability insurance and are covered with Worksafe BC. We will provide you with proof of insurance and cover any additional insured. We will also provide you with a clearance letter from Worksafe BC. All our trades have Worksafe BC coverage.


Q: Malls have so many rules and regulations: are you comfortable working with so many restrictions?

A: I think we know every mall in Canada… Ok maybe a mall or two we don’t know. We respect the rules and regulations of every mall with regards to construction and renovations and will meet with the mall manager prior to starting any project to go over them. We will not deliver materials during mall hours or make excessive noise. All noisy construction work will be done after mall hours. The construction site will be kept clean and all the construction workers will be appropriately dressed and clean. We do not charge overtime for working after hours. We will make sure that the drywall barricade meets the mall standard.


Q: Can you handle a renovation while keeping my business open?

A: If it’s possible to do, we can do it! We have done many small renovations to a business while keeping the doors open to the public. Every situation is different and has to be assessed individually. We know how important it is to keep the money flowing in and will do what we can to make it happen.


Q: Our situation is such that we have to do a renovation in a seemingly impossible amount of time!

A: What may seem impossible to you may not be to an experienced company like ours. If you need it done fast… like really fast, we can co-ordinate it in such a way as to make it happen. We love these challenges! Each situation has to be assessed, but sometimes the impossible can happen.


Q: What about small repairs and maintenance?

A: Sometimes you may have a problem and not sure who to call. We can assess any problem and advise you on what you should do. We can provide reliable plumbers, electricians, Heating and ventilation contractors etc…to deal with any issue you may have. We are a full service General Contractor.


Q: We have our own supplier of flooring, can you work with other trades that are not hired directly by your company?

A: Yes, it’s quite common for a client to have some favoured suppliers (we would like to be your favoured supplier!). We will work along side any of your suppliers and trades. Often, there are many items supplied and installed by a client directly through their regular suppliers such as kitchen equipment, electrical fixtures, millwork and cabinettry etc…